Collaborative Networking

Today’s business environment, with its increasingly dispersed workforce and constantly evolving technologies, demands that businesses maintain comprehensive and dynamic information availability to enable improvements in productivity and reduce costs. Collaborative networks are vital to meeting these demands in that they monitor and leverage enterprise data, providing employees the ability to share, modify and collaboratively create data and information. This ultimately results in increased employee efficiency and substantial cost savings.

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As a CMMI Level 3 rated company, PSI Pax is committed to quality in everything we do. Our well proven and robust processes provide the framework for successfully moving toward collaborative network environments, integrating technology solutions into a single infrastructure the relates and integrates data across entire networks. PSI Pax performs detailed performance and optimization analyses to develop collaborative network solutions focused around our clients’ top priorities. As a result, we develop and integrate innovative, standards-based, scalable solutions for optimal information availability, increased productivity and unyielding security. PSI Pax network professionals can design and implement Storage Area Networks (SAN) to centralize and streamline storage management, and can further enhance optimization through data virtualization.

PSI Pax focuses on continually increasing efficiency, reliability and security for our clients. We provide enterprise-level server management for seamless network management, technology refresh, system administration, and infrastructure management. We perform routine, scheduled and unscheduled maintenance to predict and prevent downtime. We provide three tiers of help desk support to proactively identify and solve user problems. Our proactive approach to management and support results in optimal network operating efficiency and tangible cost savings to our clients.

Our expert team of collaboration professionals can provide a video teleconferencing solution fully integrated with an existing environment to facilitate real-time, face-to-face collaboration. Our Air Blown Fiber Optic installation team can expand a system quickly and easily, installing fiber optic links in hard-to-reach, limited access or secure areas. As efficiency increases, it often becomes necessary to increase technology capabilities to “keep the ball rolling.” PSI Pax is adept at providing our clients the tools they need to continually increase productivity.

Networking Capabilities
  1. Network Design and Integration

  2. Network Operations and Maintenance

  3. Enterprise Level Server Management

  4. Performance Analysis and Optimization

  5. Storage Area Network (SAN)

  6. Virtualization

  7. Help Desk Support (Tier 1, 2, and 3)

  8. Video Teleconferencing

  9. Air-Blown Fiber

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