Systems Modernization and Integration

Legacy systems, which are often antiquated but still critical, are costly and difficult to maintain. Newer business systems, with their flexible platforms and innovative collaborative tools, are cost-effective and efficient, making a legacy system migration to new, modern systems an urgent requirement.


PSI Pax software engineers focus on business system agility, and expertly utilize system analysis, design, development and implementation to modernize legacy systems. We centralize and streamline data storage and access through the use of storage virtualization, which allows users quick, easy access to stored critical information and ultimately results in higher operating efficiency and increased cost savings. Our seamless integration of web-based applications on service-oriented or enterprise architecture platforms results in systems that are efficient and accommodating, enabling distributed collaboration – a critical tool for today’s dispersed workforce.

In addition to systems modernization, PSI Pax analysts are adept at performing process analyses to evaluate business efficiency and using the results of those analyses to maximize improvements. Using state-of-the-art COTS solutions such as Microsoft SharePoint, our efforts in Business Process Reengineering (BPR), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and data integration and warehousing provide our customers streamlined and optimized processes, dynamic decision making capabilities, and increased information availability.

PSI Pax brings a seasoned approach to business process improvement with the objectives of increasing profitability, reducing expenses, improving efficacy and delivering improved customer value. Our process mapping provides a shared vision of the organization as a complete system, enabling a graphical representation of work processes, identifying problem areas and highlighting opportunities for reengineering to achieve process improvement. To ensure the effectiveness of their efforts, PSI Pax business process professionals perform internal audits and develop, analyze and report on metrics and performance indicators, which are often presented to stakeholders in the forms of scorecards and dashboards.

PSI PAX achieved CMMI Level 3 in 2011. Our technology professionals support our customers on a framework of proven processes to ensure the highest quality IT and enterprise solutions.

Systems Capabilities
  1. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

  2. Enterprise Architecture

  3. Systems Operations & Maintenance

  4. Analysis, Design, Development & Implementation

  5. Software Engineering

  6. Web-based Application Development

  7. Business Process Reengineering (BPR)

  8. Software Conversion and Migration

  9. Microsoft SharePoint Solutions

  10. Data & Knowledge Management

  11. Integration & Change Management Support

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