Department of the Navy

Department Of The Navy

Navy Marine Corps Intranet (NMCI)

  1. Queue Management

  2. Executing move / add / changes (MAC)

  3. Help Desk Support

  4. Server Farm Administration

  5. Onsite Technical Support Services

  6. Blackberry Support

  7. Reimaging NMCI Machines

  8. Installation of CAC Readers

  9. Tech Refresh and NMCI Deployments

Navy Fleet Readiness Center East (FRC-E)

  1. NMCI Support

  2. Functional Area Management (FAM) Support

  3. Web Application Susatainment and Program Enhancements

  4. Systems Administration

  5. Quality Assurance

Naval Air Systems Command

Nav Air

IT Support

  1. National Help Desk Operations

  2. Video Teleconferencing

  3. Naval Defense Messaging

  4. NMCI Deskside Services

  5. Information Assurance

  6. Certification & Accreditation

  7. Systems Administration

  8. Web and Application Development

  9. Technical Writing

  10. Enterprise Architecture

  11. Systems Engineering

  12. Network Operating Systems Support

  13. SharePoint Implementation and Production

  14. ERP Implementation

Program Management Support

  1. Systems Lifecycle Phase Reviews and Decision Support

  2. Cost Analysis

  3. Financial Management

  4. Technical Program Assessments

Naval Sea Systems Command

Nav Sea

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

  1. Software and Web Development

  2. Database Management

  3. Functional Design Specifications

  4. Data Mapping and Conversion

  5. Testing and Validation

  6. Quality Assurance

  7. Configuration Management

  8. Tier 2 Subject Matter Expert (SME) Support

Financial Improvement Program (FIP)

  1. Financial Analysis

  2. Data Cleansing and Validation

  3. Training and End User Support

  4. Documentation

Navy Strategic Systems Programs

Department Of The Navy
  1. ERP Implementation

  2. Data Mapping, Cleansing, and Validation

  3. Functional Design Specifications

  4. Technical Design Specifications

  5. Functional Validation Plans

Defense Finance and Accounting Service

Defense Finance and Accounting Services

Systems Development and Sustainment Support

  1. Defense Industrial Financial Management System (DIFMS)

  2. NAVAIR Industrial Material Management System (NIMMS)

  3. Automated Bill of Material (ABOM)

  1. Requirements Analysis and Software Design and Documentation

  2. Quality Assurance

  3. Configuration Management

  4. Information Assurance

Social Security Administration

Social Security Administration
  1. Application and Business Planning, Analysis, and Requirements

  2. Application Design, Development, Test and Maintenance

  3. Database Administration (DBA) and Imaging and Document Management

  4. Enterprise Architecture

  5. Software Engineering Management

  6. Systems Administration

Department of the Army

Department Of Defense

  1. Program Management Support

  2. Materiel Development Decision (MDD) and Milestone Decision Support

  3. Acquisition Analysis for the Army Battle Command Systems (ABCS)

  4. DoD 5000, Planning Programming Budgeting and Execution (PPBE)


  1. System Engineering Plan (SEP)

  2. Information Support Plan (ISP)

  3. Acquisition Stategy

  4. Cost Analysis Requirements Description (CARD)

  5. Acquisition Program Baseline (APB)

  6. Test & Evaluation Master Plan (TEMP)

Department of Defense

Department Of Defense

Citrix XenDesktop Support

  1. Implementation and Deployment

  2. Architecture Design and Implementation

Systems Modernization

  1. Reengineering, Design, Development, Upgrade, and Integration

  2. Product Training

  3. Lifecycle Technical Support and Maintenance